What to do

Horse rides in the Park.

Knowing Sanabria on the back of a horse will become an unforgettable experience, in addition, its strength and speed for the trips allows us to enter in less busy routes and of greater distance, giving us the opportunity to approach the natural environment in a different way.

If you are interested you have the possibility to know the Nature Park of Lake Sanabria in a different way, visiting the old traditional roads, paths and routes through the mountains on horseback.

It is not necessary to know how to ride a horse and you can do different types of routes depending on the experience and in the case of groups longer routes can be made, even spending the day in the mountains.

If you are interested you have to contact the riding school.


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Cabañas Maleixas, Carretera Barrio s/n,
49350 El Puente de Sanabria,
Zamora, España

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