Hiking routes in Sanabria

The Sanabria Lake Natural Park forms an important landscape and ecological enclave that is well worth discovering, and the best way to do so is by hiking.

These routes include, in addition to Lake Sanabria, the most attractive point, all the lagoons scattered in the high mountain ranges, the upper stretch of the Tera basin, as well as part of the valley of the River Truchas, offering magnificent corners full of beauty.

  • Spectacular canyons, such as those of the Tera, Forcadura, Cárdena and Segundera.
  • Mountains that, in some of their peaks, are over two thousand metres high, such as Peña Trevinca, Moncalvo or Peña Negra.
  • Small forests and the famous Bosque del Tejedelo, which has a hiking route with a special charm.
  • Waterfalls such as those of Sotillo.

These are some of the itineraries that any good walker can cover, if they have a minimum of information, such as that provided below, prepared by the Agrupación Montañera Zamorana (Zamorano Mountaineering Association).

These are simple routes which become more complicated as they require greater physical effort, and which only require common sense to avoid getting lost and something essential as a starting point: respect for nature.

We recommend some hiking routes in Sanabria:

  • Camping "El Folgoso" - San Martín de Castañeda.
  • San Martín de Castañeda - Vigo de Sanabria.
  • Vigo de Sanabria - Trefacio.
  • Canyon of Forcadura.
  • Carros Lagoon.
  • La Cárdena Lagoon - Pico del Fraile.
  • Waterfalls and Sotillo Lagoon.
  • The Forest of Tejedelo.
  • Tera Canyon.

If you want to do any of these routes and you need more information, we can help you in our reception.

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Routes in Sanabria
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