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Hiking trails for all ages.

The Nature Park of Lake Sanabria is an important ecological and landscaping enclave that is worth discovering, and the best way to do it is through hiking.

These routes include, besides the lake, the most attractive point of the whole, all the lagoons scattered in the high mountains, the upper part of the Basin of Tera River, as well as part of the valley of the river Truchas, offering magnificent sites full of beauty.

Canyons, such as Tera, Forcadura, Cárdena and Segundera; Mountains with peaks that in some cases surpass the two thousand meters of height, like Peña Trevinca, Moncalvo or Peña Negra: small forests; Waterfalls such as those of Sotillo ... these are some of the itineraries that any good walker can get to walk, if for this he has a minimum information as the following that we provide, elaborated by the Mountain Group of Zamora. These are simple routes that get more complicated as they require greater physical effort, and that only require common sense so that you do not get lost and something essential as a starting point: respect for nature.

Routes in Sanabria:


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