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Spectacular routes around Lake Sanabria

The mountain bike routes of Sanabria guarantee unforgettable moments while we know dream places and do sport.

In Sanabria you can climb to the highest peaks, pedal along the streams, discover unexplored paths... Enter the mountain area of Sanabria, by bike we can access natural areas of incredible beauty, virgin forests, traditional paths...

We recommend some perfect routes to travel with your mountain bike:

Laguna de los Peces Mountain Bike Route.

In this route of 16 kilometers, although very long, you will have spectacular views over the Lake of Sanabria. There are two sections in which the hardness is somewhat higher, the first one that crosses the village of San Martín de Castañeda and another section at the exit of the 2nd part of the village.

The rest is very easy, especially from where the port "gets" in the mountain and you can no longer see the lake, you can even go to plate. The last 2 kilometers you will always have the wind in your face and that makes it harder than it really is.

Alto del Peñón Mountain Bike Route

Perhaps the hardest route in this area, it is just over 8 kilometers, from the hostel to the outskirts of Doney de la Requejada. The first 3 kilometers have a very rough and bumpy asphalt, but they are very bearable, it is when you reach the detour of Escuredo where the hard part of the route begins, especially halfway through those 5 kilometers, you will find a straight road of about 3 kilometers with a horseshoe curve at the end that seems to have no end.

The view from the top is breathtaking and will make it worth the hard part of the ride.

The descent must be done with great care, the bike takes some dizzying speeds, which can become dangerous.

Mountain Bike Route TV San Juan de la Cuesta TV Repeater

It is 4 kilometers full of hardness. The first kilometer to reach the village is hard, crossing the village allows you to rest and recover, but at the exit of the same there are about 2 kilometers really hard, with a slope of more than 15%.

In addition, to increase the difficulty is full of gravel, which can make the back wheel skid and you can not stand up, it is best to try to follow the line something clearer that has left a truck that has passed through there.

The last kilometer is the easiest, if you have managed to get there.

You can get to the same repeater, and the view from there is breathtaking, if the day is clear you can see perfectly Portugal, Lake Sanabria and Galicia, it will leave you speechless.

Portilla del Padornelo Mountain Bike Route

Route of 5 kilometers. The slope from Requejo, is a very continuous port, it is not very long, but it does not have percentages of consideration.

In addition, it has a magnificent asphalt that before was part of the National road, now all cars go by the highway so it is a fairly lonely journey.

From the slope of Hedroso, the first part has a very irregular and bumpy asphalt, it is about 4-5 kilometers, the last kilometer is a little grabbed but without greater difficulty.

Mountain Bike Route Portilla de la Canda

Route of 4 kilometers in which the asphalt is very bad, in its slope of Lubián the ascent is very sinewy.

It is not possible to reach the top by the old road, since the landslides of stones have made it impracticable.

Shortly before the top there is a village on the right called Hedradas, the entrance to the village of about 200 meters is the hardest there is in Sanabria.

Calabor Mountain Bike Route

Approximately 8 kilometers, from Calabor towards Puebla de Sanabria, it is a super port lying, at the end has a slightly harder kilometer, but without difficulty.

The route Puebla de Sanabria - Calabor - Puebla de Sanabria is beautiful, for the environment and the layout of the road with many curves very well cambered.

Mountain route of the ascent to Murias

To find this climb you have to go to Puente de Sanabria and then to Trefacio, they are just 3 kilometers, but of a great hardness.

These are just some routes, but there are also other short climbs of 1-2 kilometers throughout Sanabria that are also full of charm.

Make the route that best suits you, then you can rest in the comfort of our wooden cabins.

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