Boat on Lake Sanabria

Discover Sanabria Lake from the water

Enjoy a boat trip on the lake of Sanabria with the catamaran "Helios Cousteau". From this wonderful panoramic boat you will be able to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the lake of Sanabria from the water.

The world's first boat powered exclusively by solar and wind energy sails on the waters of Lake Sanabria so that the public can take tourist and educational trips through the waters of the largest glacial lake in Spain.

The boat is a new project of the International Biological Station and forms part of the European Network of Aquatic Biodiversity Observatories.

The boat has a touristic and didactic dimension because it allows you to travel around the 369 hectares of Lake Sanabria, disembarking in certain places without even needing to use any other infrastructure, and even to go into the 51 metres deep waters through underwater cameras.

It has a lift in the stern area to facilitate the practice of diving and access for people with reduced mobility.


  • Capacity for 80 people.
  • Six metres wide and 19 metres long.
  • 20 semi-transparent solar panels and four windmills.

The catamaran, renamed Helios-Sanabria, is one hundred percent ecological, which means that it has no emissions, no waste and zero decibels above the ambient noise level.

Everything you need to take care of the spectacular nature of Sanabria.

Boat on Lake Sanabria
Meet the Lake from the water
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Sanabria Lake
Boat on Lake Sanabria
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