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Sanabria, the ideal place for fishing lovers.

Fishing lovers will find in Sanabria their ideal place, the place where they would love to get lost and that fills them with peace and tranquility.

Lake Sanabria is classified as “catch-and-release fishing", but there are also free zones. In its surroundings you can find many other preserves where you will find trouts up to 8 kg of weight.

In Sanabria you can fish all year long with a special permit that you can find in tourist offices or in the offices of the autonomous government.

Some Advice:

How to unhook and release a fish?

Avoid getting the fish out of the water; for this purpose it is recommended to use a fine mesh bag; you have to wet your hands before touching it so as not to destroy the defenses that the fish has on its skin. Do not squeeze or shake it abruptly.

Common prohibitions

* Fishing during closed fishing seasons.

* Using dynamite and other explosives.

* Using chemical substances that when come in contact with water produce an explosion.

* Using poisonous or deoxygenated substances.

* Fishing by hand, with firearms or compressed air.

* Hitting stones used by fish as shelter.

* Practicing underwater fishing.

* Fishing in pools isolated from water.

* Using the fish as bait.

* Using any other unauthorized fishing procedure.


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