Sanabria is a unique place for fishing.

Fishing lovers will find in Sanabria an ideal place for this sport, a place where they can catch big fish and at the same time lose themselves in landscapes full of peace and tranquillity.

An important aspect of fishing in Lake Sanabria is that it is classified as "catch and release fishing", but there are also free areas. In its surroundings you can find plenty of fishing grounds where you can find trout weighing up to 8 kg.

In Sanabria you can fish all year round with a special permit that you can find in the tourist offices or in the offices of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Here are some tips on fishing in Lake Sanabria:

How to release and unhook a fish?

Avoid removing the fish from the water; to do so, it is recommended to use a fine-mesh net; you should wet your hands before touching it so as not to destroy the fish's defences in its skin. Do not squeeze or shake the fish sharply.

Remove the hook from the fish carefully to avoid serious injury and return it in perfect condition to Lake Sanabria.

Prohibitions on fishing in Lake Sanabria.

  • Fishing in closed season.
  • Use dynamite and other explosives.
  • Using chemical substances which, on contact with water, can cause an explosion.
  • Use poisonous or deoxygenated substances.
  • Fishing by hand, with firearms or compressed air.
  • Hitting stones that serve as shelter for fish.
  • Underwater fishing.
  • Fishing in isolated pools of water.
  • Treating the fish caught as bait.
  • Use any other unauthorised fishing procedure.

Spend a few days fishing exploring different areas and rivers staying in our wooden cabins, located very close to the lake.

Sanabria, the ideal place for fishing lovers
catch-and-release fishing
Fishing lovers
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