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Meet the Lake from the water.

Enjoy a boat trip on Lake Sanabria with the "Helios Cousteau" catamaran. From this wonderful panoramic boat you can enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Lake Sanabria in a different way.

The first-solar wind world catamaran already plies the waters of Lake Sanabria with all the blessings so that the public can make tourist and didactic trips through the waters of the biggest glacial lake of Spain.

The boat is a new project of the International Biological Station and is part of the European Network of Aquatic Biodiversity Observatories.

The boat has a tourist and a didactic dimension because it allows visiting the 318 hectares of the lake Sanabria landing in certain places without even having to use any other infrastructure, and even entering through underwater cameras in the 51 meters of depth that reach its waters. It has a lift in the stern area to facilitate the practice of diving and access for people with reduced mobility.


The catamaran, renamed Helios-Sanabria, is one hundred percent ecological, which means it lacks emissions, waste, effluents and zero decibels over the environment noise rate.


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Cabañas Maleixas, Carretera Barrio s/n,
49350 El Puente de Sanabria,
Zamora, España

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