Waterfall of Sotillo
Hiking route

One of the most beautiful places in the Sanabria area is the Sotillo Waterfall.

Its scenic charm together with its easy accessibility has made it one of the most visited hiking routes in the Sanabria Lake Natural Park.

A route that takes us into the glacial canyon of the river Truchas, where the magnificent deciduous forest is shown as an image of what must have been common in this Natural Park.

To do this route we can leave the car in the village of Sotillo de Sanabria, we start the way near the Church of San Lorenzo, where there are already signs showing the way until we reach the bridge of the river Truchas, place where we will start the ascent by paths that are marked with wooden beacons painted in yellow.

Without leaving the path, we will reach the waterfall that falls from the Sotillo Lagoon.

Cascada de Sotillo
Cascada de Sotillo
Cascada de Sotillo
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